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NiceHash Miner and support for CryptoNightV8

Dear NiceHash miners!

A scheduled network upgrade on the Monero network is planned for tomorrow, 18th of October (as Monero will fork on block 1685555). This update will bring a new PoW algorithm - CryptoNightV8 - with a purpose to curb any potential threat of ASICs and further preserve ASIC resistance for mining Monero. NiceHash is happy to announce the support for CryptoNightV8 algorithm which is already available on the NiceHash hash power marketplace. To enable miners in executing orders with CryptoNightV8 we are also introducing a new version of the NiceHash Miner.

New release of the NiceHash Miner is now available for download: - Beta

Version brings the following changes and updates:

  • Updated xmr-stak to 2.5.0
  • Updated excavator to v1.5.13a
  • Added algorithm CryptoNightV8 for NVIDIA cards
  • Added algorithm CryptoNightV8 for CPU
  • Removed minimum income setting

Join the conversation about this release on our official NiceHash subreddit.

Your NiceHash team.

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