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NiceHash as a defence against 51% attacks

Lately, there was a lot of media speculation regarding possible 51% attacks on various PoW-based blockchain projects using NiceHash. Here is an official NiceHash statement regarding 51% attacks.

NiceHash does not support 51% attacks and we believe such deliberate and harmful actions should be taken very seriously. We at NiceHash undertake all the necessary steps to prevent or help to prevent any market disruptions, market manipulations or misuse of NiceHash hash power marketplace. If you suspect any of the above-mentioned events happening and you wish to make an inquiry to NiceHash to undertake further actions, please contact us at [email protected] If we get enough evidence that a specific user on our platform was involved in such malicious activity, we will seize his funds and terminate the account. We are also prepared to work with law enforcement and will give out all necessary information upon receiving a court order.

How to prevent 51% attack using NiceHash?

NiceHash is giving everyone with smaller and less secure blockchain projects the option to make them more secure by leasing hash power. If you think your network is under attack (although such an attempt is extremely complicated and requires a very high level of skills and resources), you can mitigate such attacks and further secure the network by using NiceHash!
If you want to keep your PoW-based blockchain safe, we highly recommend you periodically lease hash power through NiceHash hash power marketplace. Such activity will always result in making your blockchain more secure. Furthermore, you will get your own coins in the process thus we also recommend you start involving and educating your community that believes in your project.

If you would like to learn how to buy hash power at NiceHash, please start here. If you have any questions regarding NiceHash please do not hesitate to open a customer support ticket or contact us over our social media channels.

Your NiceHash team.

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