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Monero PoW change and new CryptoNightV7 algorithm

Dear NiceHash users!

The team behind Monero has recently announced a Proof-Of-Work change for its XMR coin. The main reason for this change is to improve ASIC resistance and you can read more about the PoW change in their official blog post. Furthermore, the fork is coming in about 11 days and you can monitor the countdown here.

This will also bring some changes regarding the CryptoNight algorithm on NiceHash. We are officially announcing the support for the new algorithm called CryptoNightV7. It will get listed on our algorithms page by the end of March 2018. The current CryptoNight algorithm will stay active on the platform until further notice.

You can expect a new release of the NiceHash Miner that will bring support for CryptoNightV7 algorithm soon. Miners please be cautious when buying ASIC miners and thoroughly check which algorithm they are supporting because CryptoNightV7 will not be supported by ASICs.

Thank you for using our service,

Your NiceHash team.

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