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Lower withdrawal fees and new Coinbase withdrawal policy

Dear NiceHash users!

We are pleased to inform that we have lowered the withdrawal fees to 0.0003 BTC (for withdrawal to any BTC wallet; previously 0.0005 BTC). Minimum withdrawal limit is also lowered from 0.005 BTC to 0.003 BTC and the fee for withdrawals over 0.1 BTC is lowered from 0.5% of the withdrawn amount to 0.3% of the withdrawn amount. We are still actively working on implementing alternative crypto-currencies for payments and we'll notify you about our progress later this month.

Additionally, we have also implemented a new withdrawal policy for Coinbase withdrawals. Minimum withdrawal limit when selecting Coinbase withdrawal is now adjusted dynamically according to API overload. When API conditions are normal the minimum withdrawal limit is set at 0.002 BTC. When the API limit is hit, the system will automatically set higher minimum withdrawal limit to reduce the number of API calls and return it back to normal afterward.

To learn more about NiceHash fees, click here.

Thank you for your using our service.

Your NiceHash team.

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