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Latest payment schedule and fees

Dear NiceHash users!

Payments for external wallet balances, greater than 0.01 BTC are going to be processed today! As you might be aware, Bitcoin transaction fees have been extremely high for the past few weeks. NiceHash is covering the transactions fees to miners, and to mitigate the cost we are going to change the fee for those payments to 5% for future payments - today's payments will be still processed at 4% fee! Fee for external wallet unpaid balances, greater than 0.1 BTC stays the same at 3%.

Payments schedule for sellers stays the same for internal wallets (paid daily for balances greater than 0.001 BTC) and external wallets (paid daily for balances greater than 0.1 BTC). Payment schedule for sellers with external wallet balances greater than 0.01 BTC will be adjusted accordingly to blockchain conditions.

We strongly recommend every miner to start using NiceHash internal wallet. Altcoin payments for NiceHash internal wallets are already in the works and will significantly reduce the cost of transactions and also help smaller miners to be paid more regularly!

NiceHash has already implemented the direct transfer of BTC funds to Coinbase. Users are able to withdraw their balance funds from NiceHash wallet to their Coinbase account without any fees and instantly! Minimum amount to withdraw is set at 0.001 BTC. If you are already mining to external wallet address that is a Coinbase address or any other external wallet, you are always going to be dependant on very unpredictable blockchain transaction fees and conditions so we recommend you switch to NiceHash internal wallet as soon as possible.

Alternative payment features will only be available for registered users as altcoin payments won’t be possible for external wallet users.

Your NiceHash team.

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