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Scrypt ASIC miner A4 Dominator with extranonce.subscribe support

Dear miners,

Scrypt ASIC miner A4 Dominator from Innosilicon is currently the most efficient Scrypt miner, available on the market. This miners is capable of 280 Mhs per system and comes with a controller, based on Raspberry Pi and two hashing modules, connected to the controller.

New firmware

Innosilicon just recently released a new firmware with extranonce.subscribe support which provides a more stable connection to our Scrypt stratum servers and improves performance.  The new feature automatically clears the logs in case of memory overflow. The new firmware is available for download here:

In order to use the new firmware you'll have to flash your SD card (it is recommended to use a new SD card so that the original is left intact) - instructions for SD card firmware update are available here. This firmware update will give you a more stable mining experience on NiceHash, however Innosilicon is working on more updates to improve performance even furthermore.

Firmware settings

Statistics of the testing miner after firmware upgrade

Thank you for your using our service and keep on hashing! ;)

Best regards,
NiceHash team

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