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New release - NiceHash Miner Legacy

Dear NiceHash miners! We are happy to inform you about the latest release of NiceHash Miner Legacy Changes and fixes: Updated GMiner to v1.31 Fixed GMiner device ordering To download NHML from GitHub click here. Important guidelines for using NHML: NiceHash Miner Legacy is usually ... Read further →

NHMv2 discontinued - NHML is twice as profitable!

Today, we are introducing some changes to our NiceHash Miner product line. We are terminating the development of the NiceHash Miner v2 and focusing our development solely on NiceHash Miner Legacy and upcoming NiceHash OS (NHOS). In this press release, we explain the reasons for such decision and ... Read further →

Notification for buyers

Dear NiceHash buyers, We have changed the running difficulty for the following algorithms: CryptoNight  CryptNightV7 CryptoNightHeavy CryptoNightV8 Quark Qubit Equihash Please make sure that you adjust the settings of your favourite pools. This change has no effect on miners using ... Read further →

NiceHash as a defence against 51% attacks

Lately, there was a lot of media speculation regarding possible 51% attacks on various PoW-based blockchain projects using NiceHash. Here is an official NiceHash statement regarding 51% attacks. NiceHash does not support 51% attacks and we believe such deliberate and harmful actions should be taken ... Read further →

NiceHash adds support for Grin!

Dear NiceHash users! Grin, a private and lightweight mimblewimble blockchain coin, is now available to mine through NiceHash hash power marketplace.  Grin accepts 2 Proofs-of-Work. Both are variants of a concept called 'Cuckoo Cycle'. We are adding both algorithms to NiceHash hash power ... Read further →

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