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NiceHash Miner update! ( and

Dear NiceHash miners! Today we are introducing a new version of NiceHash Miner. Please be careful to select the right version! NiceHash Miner Legacy works for the current platform and NiceHash Miner works for the new platform. Read more here. Here are the changes (valid for both versions): Improve... Read further →

NEW NiceHash platform: NOW LIVE!

Dear NiceHash users! We are happy to announce the next evolutionary step for NiceHash. We are introducing a redesigned and upgraded NiceHash platform that will serve as the central cryptocurrency hub for miners, buyers of hash-power and cryptocurrency traders. Please carefully read the following ... Read further →

IMPORTANT: Transition to a new NiceHash platform

LIVE updates UPDATE - July 6 @ 11 AM CEST: Mining on the new platform is disabled until further notice. Miners, please use the current platform and your old address, all your mining payouts are processed on the current platform! UPDATE - July 6 @ 4 AM CEST: Unfortunately, the miner migration ... Read further →

Eighteenth reimbursement of the Repayment program

Ljubljana, June 28, 2019 - NiceHash, the largest hash-power broker marketplace, will do an eighteenth reimbursement of the Repayment program to all users on Monday, July 1, 2019. This marks the reimbursement of 77% of all stolen funds! About NiceHash Repayment program NiceHash has created the ... Read further →

New development for the NiceHash Miner Legacy

Dear NiceHash miners! We are introducing a new version of the NiceHash Miner Legacy. We are now moving from 1.9.0.xx versions to 1.9.1.xx with a new core!  Please download NiceHash Miner Legacy here. release brings the following updates: Re-written device detection and ... Read further →

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