Recommended hardware

We are working hard to deliver excellent service for our hash power providers. Below you will find a list of mining hardware sellers and/or hardware hosting services that are known to work flawless with our service. You can use them with a piece of mind when purchasing or upgrading your mining hardware to be able to sell your hashing power through our service.

Hardware resellers:

"Multi-algorithm X11 / X13 / X14 / X15 / Quark / Qubit miners."

"Powerfull and efficient Bitcoin miners."

"Stable and reliable Bitcoin miners."

Third-party software and hardware platforms:

"Bleeding edge mining platform for GPUs and ASICs with out-of-the box GPU multi-algo mining."


NiceHash is not affiliated with any of the mining hardware sellers and/or hosting services, listed on this page, and takes no responsibility for a particular mining hardware seller/provider to not fulfill your demands or expectations. Please, choose your mining hardware seller/provider at your own risk and judgement. Thanks you for using NiceHash!

If you are a mining hardware seller/provider and would like to be added to our recommended mining hardware list Contact us.