ASIC mining tips

Many ASIC devices are using older versions of mining software. Some of these versions are not compatible with NiceHash due to extranonce2-bug (resulting in 99-100% rejects) and most of them doesn't (yet) support advanced stratum extranonce subscription for better efficiency (no disconnects).

This page provides you with some tips&tricks for efficient mining on our stratum servers.

Check out our mining software/firmware page

Make sure you check out mining software/firmware page with download links and instructions for CPU, GPU and ASIC mining. We also provided updated cgminer binaries and firmwares for some devices (such as AntMiners) and instructions for enabling extranonce.subscribe feature.

General tips&tricks

Stratum-proxy limitations

WARNING! to achieve best results you should not connect more than 10 devices/miners to a single stratum-proxy instace. Run multiple stratum-proxy instances if you will be using more than 10 devices/miners.

Stratum-Proxy guide

This guide provides a solution for miners looking for central management of many miners or even for single miners to increase efficiency and bypass some software bugs. By using a lightweight open source stratum proxy you will be able to overcome the extranonce2-bug and also enable extranonce subscription, resulting in optimal performance and best payouts.

Besides optimal performance and best payouts you'll also get other added value features like single-point management, REST API (pool monitoring, change pool priority, workers stats and much more) and friendly Web-Based client with hashrate graphs.

How it works?

Miners are connected to local stratum-proxy rather then directly to NiceHash stratum servers. stratum-proxy converts getwork protocol to stratum, thus bypassing extranonce2-bug and at the same time enables extranonce subscription. Up to 10 miners can be connected to a single stratum-proxy instance. However, one can run multiple stratum-proxy instances on the same PC or Server (while setting different getwork listening port for each stratum-proxy instance) to support even more then 10 miners.

How to configure stratum-proxy?

Quick overview: Detailed instructions:


stratum-proxy is an external software solution, not affiliated to NiceHash. If you like stratum-proxy solution please support the project by donating, take a look at the bottom of stratum-proxy development homepage. Additional information regarding stratum-proxy is available on BitcoinTalk thread.