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Where can you see your mining status?

You can find your mining statistics by following this link. Enter your Bitcoin address in the main field and click the button "Find statistics". Note that it takes up to 10 minutes for mining statistics to refresh and show on the website.


Profitability: The amount you are earning per day, if you were mining for 24 hours.
Efficiency: The ratio between accepted and rejected shares. If your efficiency is low or medium, you should inspect your mining process and check what type of rejected shares you are getting.
Workers: The number of distinct devices. For example: one instance of NiceHash Miner is one worker and one ASIC device connected to NiceHash stratum server is one worker.
Unpaid balance: The amount that is waiting to get paid on your payout schedule.


Mining stats: Accepted/rejected shares, profitability and unpaid balance for all the algorithms you have mined on.
Projected payout: Estimated payout time and balance, if you continue to mine at that tempo. If estimated payout time is "Unknown", you are currently not mining and the estimated payout time cannot be calculated.


Detailed mining stats: A list of all workers for overall data or selected algorithms.
Interactive history: Unpaid balances and profitability for overall statistics and detailed mining stats with rejected shares for selected algorithms.


Payments history: A list of payments that were sent out to you in the past 7 days.

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