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How to properly use and understand Profitability calculator

Profitability calculator is a tool that lets you check the potential earnings of your hardware. There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • All the hardware, listed in the Profitability calculator has been tested in our labs. During our tests, we are using only quality products from recognized manufactures. We also apply some basic tweaks to achieve the best performance and efficiency for any given hardware. If your hardware achieves different results (higher/lower) you should try to tune your hardware and software to reach maximum performance and efficiency. Various resources such as forums and social media can be a good place to search for optimization information.
  • Please note that the profitability, listed in the Profitability calculator, is calculated and shown based on past profitability and can not be directly used as a prediction for future profitability. Also please note that you can not simply multiply 1-day profitability with, for example, 30, to get the profitability for 30 days - it does not work that way. Profitability often changes and this is also why past 1 day, past 7 days and past 30 days, profitability can vary a lot and is based on actual past profitability, not simply calculated from 1-day profitability.
  • If your hardware is not listed in the Profitability calculator, you can manually calculate the profitability for any particular hardware. First of all, you would have to get some information about the hardware: purchase costs and electrical power consumption (both optional) and the speed measurements for the algorithms, supported by your hardware. Then simply click on the link "Calculate for custom settings" which can be found on the Profitability calculator page. 
  • Last but not least - all Hashing power rig earning estimates and profitability calculations on the NiceHash Website are only for informational purposes and were made based on the Hashing power rigs, set up in the test environments. NiceHash does not warrant that your Hashing power rigs would achieve the same profitability or earnings as calculated on the NiceHash Website. There is risk that your Hashing power rig would not produce the desired hashing power quantity and quality and that your produced hashing power would differentiate from the hashing power, produced by our Hashing power rigs, set up in the test environments. The actual profitability can only be seen when your rig is connected to our system and monitored through our website.

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