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How can you choose the optimal NiceHash stratum server?

You should choose a NiceHash stratum server that is closest to your hardware in terms of the Internet network connection. Available stratum servers are listed here.

The general rule of thumb is to pick:

  • .eu stratum servers if your hardware is located in Europe, Russia, and other regions near Europe
  • .usa stratum servers if your hardware is located in the US, Australia, and other regions near the US
  • .hk (Hong Kong), .jp (Japan, Tokyo), .in (India, Chennai) if your hardware is located in Asia
  • .br (Brazil, Sao Paulo) if your hardware is located in South America

You can determine the best location by running a simple ping utility from Windows Command Prompt or Linux Shell. You must run this from the location of your hardware, ideally directly on your hardware.

If you are using Windows, run this command for each NiceHash stratum server location (if you do not have telnet installed see the installation instructions here):

ping -n 50 -l 128 SERVER

If you are using Linux, run this command for each NiceHash stratum server location:

ping -c 50 -s 128 SERVER

Replace SERVER with each of the NiceHash stratum server locations, see below:


After all the tests are finished (50 pings for each location) you will get the results with Minimum = X ms, Maximum = Y ms, Average = Z ms latency (or min/avg/max/mdev = X/Y/Z/W ms). You are looking for Average or avg number. Pick the location for which the test gives you the lowest Average or avg number of ms.

Please note that, due to additional proxification for some locations, you have to add additional milliseconds to your results when comparing to .eu and .usa:

  • 150ms for .hk
  • 100ms for .jp
  • 200ms for .in
  • 180ms for .br

It is also important that you receive 0% packet loss in the ping results. If you get a significant packet loss for a particular location, it might be wiser to choose a location with slightly higher ms results, but with lower or zero packet loss. Since Internet network connectivity for your location might fluctuate in terms of stability during various periods of day, it is recommended to repeat these tests on various times of days (for example, morning, afternoon, and night).


.eu = 300ms AVG
.usa = 250ms AVG
.hk = 40ms AVG + 150ms = 190ms AVG
.jp = 60ms AVG + 100ms = 160ms AVG
.in = 100ms AVG + 200ms = 300ms AVG
.br = 70ms AVG + 180ms = 250ms AVG

In this case you would choose .jp stratum servers.

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