NiceHash Simple Multi-Algorithm Mining

(only in English - instructions for mining software developers)

We designed Simple Multi-Algorithm Mining for two reasons: Benefits of Simple Multi-Algorithm Mining over previous are following: How does it work? How should it work in mining software the most optimal way?
  1. Query our HTTP API to get information about profitability.
  2. Decide which algorithm is most profitable.
  3. If already mining most profitable algorithm, wait 60 seconds and go to 1.
  4. Establish connection for mining most profitable algorithm and wait for work (job).
  5. Unload previous work (old algorithm) and prepare for new algorithm (new job).
  6. Mine new algorithm (new job).
  7. Go to 1.
Steps 1 and 2 are already implemented by us. In mining software, only trivial steps from 3 to 7 needs to be implemented.

C function to get information about profitability and decide most profitable algorithm can be found in our GitHub repository.

Algorithm names currently used by NiceHash: Mining software needs to use appropriate NiceHash stratum URL when switching algorithm. URLs follow scheme stratum+tcp://[algo_name].[location][algo_port] as you can see on Getting started page.

We recommend mining software to perform benchmark of algorithms to detect appropriate factors (speeds) thus relieving miners from setting factors manually.