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X16R available at NiceHash!

Dear NiceHash users!

We are announcing a new algorithm available through NiceHash Marketplace - X16R. Buyers of hashing power can already start placing orders here. X16R is currently used for mining the Ravencoin (RVN) and Motion (XMN).

To support the latest addition to the NiceHash marketplace, NiceHash Miner has been updated to version

This release brings the following changes:

  • Updated excavator to v1.5.6a
  • Added algorithm X16R for NVIDIA cards
  • Optimized Lyra2Z algorithm for NVIDIA cards
  • Added button to enable excavator logging
  • Updated xmr-stak to 2.4.5
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

NOTE FOR MINERS: The X16R hashing algorithm consists of 16 hashing algorithms operating in chain fashion with ordering dependant on the last 8 bytes of the hash of the previous block. This means that miners will see substantial differences when checking for hashing speeds (because different hashing algorithms have different hashing speeds). This is normal behaviour and does not have any effect on the profitability.

We suggest you update your NVIDIA drivers. You can also join the conversation about this release on our official NiceHash subreddit.

Thank you for using our service,

Your NiceHash team.

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