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Suspended withdrawals to Coinbase

Dear NiceHash users!

Unfortunately, we have to inform you about the temporary suspension of the Coinbase withdrawal option. Coinbase does not allow us to continue with this withdrawal method due to unsupported withdrawal options of the Coinbase business account.

Withdrawals to Coinbase will stay operational until the end of this week, Sunday, January 6, 2019. Afterwards, we will be forced to temporarily suspend this withdrawal method! If you were planning to withdraw your funds to Coinbase please make sure you do this as soon as possible. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for withdrawal at this time or you will not be able to meet the minimum withdrawal requirements soon, you can still use the regular withdrawal methods through the bitcoin blockchain. Fortunately, the blockchain fees are very low and our withdrawal fee is 0.0001 BTC (approximately $0.36). Click here to read more about our fees.

We are trying to reach an agreement with Coinbase, but so far unsuccessfully. If we reach the appropriate agreement with Coinbase we will re-enable the Coinbase withdrawal option immediately. We encourage you to contact Coinbase and request the explanation.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding,

Your NiceHash team.

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