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Reset your 2FA codes

Dear NiceHash users,

NiceHash’s Operations & Security team has discovered a minor security flaw during its regular security audit. We have already taken all necessary steps and procedures to secure the system and we have found no evidence that any of the user data was accessed, changed or lost.

Just as a precaution to protect your NiceHash accounts we urge all registered users to reset their 2FA (Two-factor authentication) security codes. NiceHash gives you the option to enable 2FA for login, withdrawal and buying. Please reset all three and if you don’t have your 2FA enabled yet, we strongly recommend you enable it immediately. Here is a short video that guides you through 2FA setup procedure:

You can reset your 2FA in your account settings. If you find any suspicious behaviour with your NiceHash account do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

We apologise for this inconvenience. Our team is devoted to keep NiceHash secure and stable.

Thank you,

Your NiceHash team.

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