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NiceHash Miner and support for CryptoNightV8

Dear NiceHash miners! A scheduled network upgrade on the Monero network is planned for tomorrow, 18th of October (as Monero will fork on block 1685555). This update will bring a new PoW algorithm - CryptoNightV8 - with a purpose to curb any potential threat of ASICs and further preserve ASIC ... Read further →

Change in fees

Dear NiceHash users! We are happy to inform you that we have lowered the deposit fee from 0.0002 BTC to 0.0001 BTC. The threshold for zero deposit fee is now also lower at 0.005 BTC (previously 0.01 BTC). If you are withdrawing funds from NiceHash wallet, you can now do it at a minimum ... Read further →

Notification for buyers

Dear NiceHash buyers, Network hashrate for some coins using various algorithms available at NiceHash has increased. This pushed up the difficulty and lowering BTC/H/Day prices for hash power orders on these algorithms. In order to make bidding for hashing power on these algorithms more ... Read further →

New NiceHash Miner with an improved Lyra2REv2 performance!

Dear NiceHash miners! New release of the NiceHash Miner is now available for download: - Beta Version brings the following changes and updates: Updated excavator to v1.5.12a Improved Lyra2REv2 performance Updated excavator API communication Join the conversation about this ... Read further →

Ninth reimbursement of the Repayment program

Ljubljana, September 28, 2018 - NiceHash, the largest and leading crypto-mining marketplace, will do a ninth reimbursement of the Repayment program to all users on Monday, October 1, 2018. This marks the reimbursement of 67% of all stolen funds! About NiceHash Repayment program NiceHash has created ... Read further →

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