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NiceHash Miner Legacy available for download!

Dear NiceHash miners!

NiceHash Miner Legacy is now available for download.

This release brings the following changes and fixes:

  • Fixed xmr-stak config generation (refers to CPU mining issue)
  • Fixed NVIDIA device detection for DCH drivers (if you are using DCH drivers mining will work now, but fan speed and temperature will not be reported since they rely on different drivers)
  • Updated Team Red Miner to v0.4.3
  • Updated xmr-stak to v2.10.2
  • Updated NBMiner to v21.3, added support for extra launch parameters
  • Updated GMiner to v1.36
  • Updated PhoenixMiner to v4.2c
  • Updated TTMiner to v2.2.1
  • Removed unneeded dependencies (smaller zip and bins)

Additional notice:

If you have mixed GPU system (AMD and NVIDIA cards) do not disable NVIDIA or AMD detection as this will make GMiner and Phoenix choose wrong cards. This will be properly fixed in one of the upcoming releases.

Important guidelines for using NHML:

  1. NiceHash Miner Legacy is usually flagged by AV (anti-virus) software. This is normal, as almost every mining software on the market is blacklisted by AV. Just make an exception in your AV software to enable the proper operation of NHML.
  2. You may have to add an exception in your browser to enable NHML download. Learn how.
  3. We cannot guarantee for every 3rd party miner code thus you agree to use it at your own risk.
  4. We suggest you don’t use cryptocurrency wallets or have any access to any cryptocurrency, sensitive or important data on the same computer where you use NHML. NiceHash will never ask or use your private keys, but we cannot guarantee the same for the 3rd party miners included in NHML now or any time in the future.
  5. Add an exception to Windows Defender for the NiceHash Miner Legacy folder (after you unzip the package).


Thank you for using NiceHash,

Your NiceHash team.

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