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NiceHash adds support for AsicBoost

Dear NiceHash miners!

We are happy to inform you that NiceHash has added support for AsicBoost. AsicBoost is a patent-pending method to speed up Bitcoin mining by a factor of approximately 20%. The performance gain is achieved through a high­level optimization of the Bitcoin mining algorithm (SHA256) which allows for a drastic reduction in gate count on the mining chip. To read more about AsicBoost, you can read the official AsicBoost whitepaper. Various ASIC manufacturers have already implemented the AsicBoost to their ASIC devices and miners can now connect them to NiceHash.

How to connect your ASIC device to NiceHash?

To connect your AsicBoost compatible device to NiceHash, please visit our stratum generator and select SHA256AsicBoost algorithm and location. Add the provided URL to your ASIC control panel.

If you have trouble connecting with stratum+tcp://sha256asicboost.LOCATION.nicehash.com:3368, you can also try with port 80: stratum+tcp://sha256asicboost.LOCATION.nicehash.com:80

Notification for buyers of hash power

Not all pools support AsicBoost thus we have created a separate algorithm and SHA256 is remaining available independently. Before placing orders for SHA256AsicBoost algorithm, please check if your pool is compatible and supports AsicBoost. Please be careful when placing orders for SHA256 and SHA256AsicBoost.

If you need help connecting your ASIC devices to NiceHash, do not hesitate to open a support ticket.


Thank you,

your NiceHash team.

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