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Eighteenth reimbursement of the Repayment program

Ljubljana, June 28, 2019 - NiceHash, the largest hash-power broker marketplace, will do an eighteenth reimbursement of the Repayment program to all users on Monday, July 1, 2019. This marks the reimbursement of 77% of all stolen funds!

About NiceHash Repayment program

NiceHash has created the Repayment program for NiceHash internal wallet users and external wallet users that were affected by the security breach that happened in December 2017. The Repayment program started on Friday, February 2, 2018, and 76% of the old balance amount was already reimbursed to all users that were impacted by the security breach. The Repayment program has been updated with some changes that were extensively explained in the following press release. If you have missed this announcement please make sure you are familiar with the changes.

Repayment program has some differences regarding the reimbursement to internal and external wallets. Below you can find more detailed information and instructions for internal wallet users and external wallet users.

Repayment program for internal wallet users

Users that were registered on the NiceHash platform before December 6, 2017, can log in to their account and can see the old balance tab under the Wallet section on their Dashboard. The old balance shows the total amount of Bitcoins (BTC) that users had in their wallet address prior to the attack. Seventy-six percent of the old balance was already reimbursed by NiceHash to users current balances, and the 18th repayment of one percent (1%) will be executed on Monday, July 1, 2019. Again, please read the following press release to learn about the updates regarding the Repayment program.

Repayment program for external wallet users

Users who were not registered with NiceHash at the time of the attack and were using the NiceHash service with their external wallet address are also included in the Repayment program. External wallet users can go to the following page and enter their external wallet address (that they were using at the time of the attack) to see their old balance and monitor the repayment progress. NiceHash will reimburse one percent of the old balance to external wallet users on Monday, July 1, 2019.

Seventy-six percent of the old balance amount was already reimbursed under "Reimbursed pending". Conditions for payment to external wallet addresses do apply to the Repayment program! When you reach 0.001 BTC you are eligible for payment. NiceHash is including your unpaid balance in this amount. For example, if your old balance (that is going to be reimbursed) is 0.0009 BTC, you still have to mine an additional 0.0001 BTC (shown as unpaid balance) to this external wallet address so you reach the payment threshold of 0.001 BTC in total (reimbursed pending + unpaid balance). Once the combined balance shows 0.001 BTC, payment will be made to your external wallet address. NiceHash will only reimburse the funds to the addresses that were in use at the time of the attack. NiceHash cannot repay to any other wallet address as we do not have a KYC process for external wallet users.

If users have any additional questions, we advise them to open a support ticket. Our company representatives are also present on the NiceHash subreddit and we advise everyone to follow our social media announcements for the latest information and press releases.

Thank you,

Your NiceHash team.

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