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CuckooCycle for mining Aeternity now available!

Dear NiceHash users!

Today we are officially announcing a new algorithm on the NiceHash hash-power marketplace - CuckooCycle. CuckoCycle is the main algorithm for mining æternity (AE). AE are the access tokens to the æternity blockchain and act as a unit of account for the resources spent on æternity. æternity is a new blockchain platform that aims to propose decentralized, trustless alternatives to the existing governance, economic and financial intermediaries.

How to connect your mining rig to NiceHash?

CuckooCycle is supported in our latest release of the NiceHash Miner Legacy. You can download it here.

Please read this press release for more information.

Notification for buyers of hash power

Before placing orders for CuckooCylce algorithm, please check if your pool is compatible and supports CuckoCycle mining.

If you need help placing orders or connecting your mining rigs to NiceHash, do not hesitate to open a support ticket.


Thank you,

your NiceHash team.

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