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Scrypt-Jane algorithm for LEOcoin added

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability for buying and selling hashing power based on Scrypt-Jane algorithm for LEOcoin. Coins based on Scrypt-Jane algorithm are settings-specific, therefore we currently only support mining the very popular LEOcoin crypto-currency using the Scrypt-Jane algorithm with settings for LEOcoin.

In order to sell hashing power for the ScryptJaneLeo algorithm you have to use patched cgminer for AMD GPUs, or standard ccminer for NVIDIA GPUs:

Please note that cgminer does not support other popular algorithms such as X11, Quark, etc. and you have to keep multiple miners to be able to mine various coins. However this does not apply to ccminer - you can mine all the popular algorithms with single ccminer mining software.

Please take a look at the Getting Started page for instruction on how to sell ScryptJaneLeo hashing power.

Quick instructions for cgminer (you'll have to tune --thread-concurrency, --worksize, --intensity, --lookup-gap, -g for your GPU):

cgminer --scrypt-jane -o stratum+tcp://scryptjaneleo.eu.nicehash.com:3348 -u YOUR-BTC-ADDRESS -p x --thread-concurrency 32768 --worksize 256 --intensity 4 --lookup-gap 3 -g 2 --sj-nfmin 4 --sj-nfmax 30 --sj-time 1402845776

Please note that the example above is for AMD Radeon R9 280x; you'll have to find your own optimal settings for your GPU.

Quick instructions for ccminer (you'll have to tune -L, -l for your GPU):

ccminer -a scrypt-jane:1402845776,4,30 -o stratum+tcp://scryptjaneleo.eu.nicehash.com:3348 -u YOUR-BTC-ADDRESS -p x -L 5 -l t5x15 -d 0

Please note that the example above is for NVIDIA GeForce 750Ti on Linux; you'll have to find your own optimal settings for your GPU. Some more examples:

  • 750 Ti: "-L 5 -l t5x15", approx 0.6 kHs
  • 950: "-L 8 -l t6x20", approx 0.7 kHs
  • 960: "-L 13 -l t8x23", approx 0.7 kHs
  • 970: "-L 14 -l t13x28", approx 1.15 kHs
  • 980 Ti: "-L 22 -l t22x16", approx 1.2 kHs

Since sgminer does not currently support scrypt-jane algorithms, multi-algo mining for this algorithm is currently not enabled.

Thank you for using our service and keep on hashing!

Best regards,
NiceHash team

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