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Lyra2REv2 algorithm added

We're pleased to announce the immediate availability for buying and selling hashing power based on Lyra2REv2 algorithm. The Lyra2REv2 algorithm is based on the original Lyra2RE algorithm. Lyra2REv2 is currently used by the very popular Vertcoin cryptocurrency.

In order to sell hashing power for the new Lyra2REv2 algorithm you have to use new versions of sgminer and ccminer, you can get them here:

Please note that these software miners already includes all of the previous algorithms and you can use it as a replacement for your existing miner. There is however one bug in this latest sgminer release with incorrect difficulty multiplier for the old, original Lyra2RE algorithm. Therefore you can use this miner for all algorithms, except the old, original Lyra2RE algorithm. However most probably a new version which has this issue solved will soon be available for download.

Please take a look at the buyers' page for instruction how to sell Lyra2REv2 hashing power. Here are also some quick instructions for sgminer:

"algorithm" : "Lyra2REv2",
"xintensity" : "32",
"thread-concurrency" : "8192",
"worksize" : "32",
"gpu-threads" : "4"

In general you should keep low worksize and as high as possible gpu-threads (depending on your GPU memory size) for the Lyra2REv2 algorithm. Please note that if you're using sgminer under Windows you should NOT use AMD Catalyst driver 15.x since you'll only get HW errors on Lyra2REv2 algorithm. Instead use 14.4 Catalyst drivers.

If you're using multi-algo mining please add the factor for this algorithm in your stratum password parameter by adding ";f14=7.0" value.

Thank you for using our service and keep on hashing!

Best regards,
NiceHash team

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