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Moving from GH to TH units for X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit hashing power purchases

Dear users,

Network hashrate for some coins using algorithms X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit has increased significantly in the past months, pushing up the difficulty and lowering BTC/GH/Day prices for hashing power purchase on these algorithms. In order to make bidding for hashing power on these algorithms more accurate and competitive, we'll be switching from GH to TH units for X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit hashing power purchases.

If you're a buyer you'll have to take this change into account while placing new X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit orders. For example, instead of current price 0.0029 (in units BTC/GH/Day) you'll have to enter 2.9000 (new unit will be BTC/TH/Day).

If you are a seller (provider/miner) with X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit miners and you're using price setting in the stratum password parameter on your miners, then you'll have to adjust this setting accordingly after we switch to TH units - otherwise no action is required for sellers of hasing power.

The switch to the new units will take place on August 15th, 2017 at 15:00 UTC.

Existing orders, which will be placed and not completed before the switch will be automatically converted to the new units - no action will be required from you. However if you have some automated applications/scripts, utilizing automatic placement of new orders, you'll have to change them accordingly to make them compatible with the new units.

All web page views/functionalities for X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit algorithms will be changed, including but not limited to:

  • algorithms table (GH -> TH)
  • order list (GH -> TH)
  • order details (GH -> TH)
  • new order (GH -> TH)
  • API methods: stats.global.current, stats.global.24h, orders.get (price in TH, limit in TH), orders.get&my, orders.create (price, limit in TH/s), orders.set.limit, order.set.price

Please keep in mind that this changes applies only for X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit algorithms, all other algorithms will be unaffected. Also, if you are a seller and not using the price setting in price parameter, this change has no affect on you.

Therefore we kindly ask you to please keep in mind the August 15th 2017 at 15:00 UTC if you are a regular X11, Kecak, Quark and Qubit hashing power buyer to make sure that placement of new orders will be in line with this small change.

Thank you for using our service!

Best regards,
NiceHash team

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