NiceHash Miner

Earn Bitcoin by selling the hashing power of your GPU/CPU
for the purpose of mining coins.

Download and start selling instantly. No special set-up or registration required.

NiceHash Miner for Windows

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    Note that in the past, other miners were used as a malware, which is why some AntiVirus softwares or browsers (e.g., Chrome) still report new miners as malware today.

    We guarantee you that NiceHash Miner is safe and does not consist of any malware.

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    Why it is better to sell hashing power with NiceHash?

    anonymous, safe, and transparent with sellers in mind

    Free & Open Source

    Sell hashing power without registration or contracts on pay-as-you-go basis.

    Windows OS supported

    Simple looking but powerful Windows application, which can be used right away. No special configuration needed.

    Regular payments

    You always get paid in Bitcoins by Pay-per-Share approach, from once a day to once a week- depending on your earnings.

    Optimized for efficiency

    NiceHash Miner autoselects most profitable algorithm for your GPU/CPU.

    Things you might want to know

    about selling hashing power and mining

    What is happening on my computer when I sell hashing power?

    NiceHash Miner is utilizing your GPU/CPU computing power for solving complex mathematical calculations. Read more

    What is hashing power and why would anyone buy it?

    hashing power is the power your computer spends on solving complex mathematical calculations, the results of which make the digital transactions possible and generate new Bitcoins or altcoins. Read more

    Will buyers of my hashing power have an access to my equipment?

    Buyers of your computing power do not have any direct access to your equipment. Only the results of complex mathematical calculations (hash) are forwarded to them. Read more

    How can I use earned Bitcoins?

    You can use Bitcoins for buying different things (e.g. games on Steam, hardware, computers). You can also exchange it for any other currency (USD, EUR or your favorite altcoins). Read more

    How are transactions handled?

    and why can NiceHash guarantee you a fair payment by PPS approach

    Get ready to start

    the faster you sell, the faster you earn

    NiceHash Miner for Windows
    You can also tryout the NiceHash Miner in demo mode or click here to learn more about the application.

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