Why is your speed online different than in NiceHash Miner?

There are two different methods of measuring hashing speed. First one used by NiceHash Miner is measuring number of iterations which shows you an actual speed. Measuring iterations can be done only inside software and cannot be known remotely.

Second measuring method is statistical calculation according to number, frequency and difficulty of submitted shares. This is effective speed shown online - NiceHash web site (my miner). Because this method is statistical and because it has a measuring window of 5 minutes, it can never be as accurate as local measuring of iterations. But due to statistic distribution, your average speed online over longer period of time (several hours, days) should be within +-2% of your actual speed shown in NiceHash Miner.

Do note that you are paid according to your effective speed and not according to your actual speed, because we reward miners for every accepted share.

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