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Which mining pools are supported?

All mining pools that follow stratum protocol specifications are supported. Please ensure the pool you selected can handle the massive hash rate and loads of shares, especially from a single connection. Due to obsolete software or weak hardware, some pools just can't take it. The vast majority of popular and well rated pools don't have such issues, but you should still take this into consideration. Also, some pools will just ban you or threaten a massive hash rate and loads of shares as a DDoS attack - that's also something to take into account.

You can also connect to P2Pool nodes. Ensure you set the custom difficulty when connecting to P2Pool node. Append "+difficulty" string to your P2Pool connection username. For example, if you are buying 2 THs of SHA256 power set your P2Pool connection username like this: "your-bitcoin-address+1024" (you can use any password). More information about P2Pool can be found here, also take a look at list of public P2Pool nodes.

Please keep in mind:

  • usually, dead pools are the result of unstable pools that are dropping connections a lot; try to avoid them and use other pools;
  • to avoid various attacks and fake pools, there are some restrictions: pool diff must be at least 8 and xnonce2 size 3 or more; only some explicit and exotic pools use values that are not compatible with those settings and, therefore, this limitation shouldn't impact the vast majority of pools;
  • it takes up to 30 seconds for the order to appear alive; please be patient when submitting orders.

You can use our Pool verificator tool to verify pool's compatibility before you submit your order - The pool verificator link is available on the "Create new order" page.

When you submit your order, please keep an eye on it. If everything goes well after 15-30 minutes, you're probably just fine. However, if you're seeing your order as being Dead or swapping between Dead/Alive, or if the hash rate, observed at your pool, isn't as high as it is supposed to be, you should probably choose another pool.

You cannot buy hashing power for mining on NiceHash stratum servers.

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