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When and how do you get paid?

Sellers earn bitcoins for every valid share by the PPS (Pay Per Share) system.

Please note that buyers of hashing power define the prices and we (NiceHash) only provide a feature-full marketplace to attract both buyers and sellers to create a competitive and profitable market. In the table below you can see payment schedule for using NiceHash Miner.

Once per day If your unpaid balance is greater than 0.001 BTC If your unpaid balance is greater than 0.1 BTC
Once per week * / If your unpaid balance is greater than 0.001 BTC

* Executes if Bitcoin transaction fees are at a reasonable level.


Once you receive the mining payment to your NiceHash wallet, you can withdraw funds from NiceHash wallet at any time but please note that withdrawals and payments are manually confirmed once per day between 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM CEST.

Unpaid balances, lower than 0.0001 BTC, are considered as leftover amounts and the only option for you to get these amounts paid out is to connect your miner long enough to reach an unpaid balance higher than 0.001 BTC (for NiceHash wallets) or 0.001 BTC (for external wallets), which will then be processed in full during the next payout schedule.

Please also note that we are periodically discarding balances, lower than 0.0001 BTC for miners that do not receive any new payment for 30 days, and balances lower than 0.001 BTC for miners that do not receive any new payment for 90 days. All balances from all algorithms are aggregated into a single payment.

You can find the information on the service fees here and the fee comparison between NiceHash wallet and external wallet here.


** We are already actively working on implementing alternative crypto-currencies for payments. This will help smaller miners to be paid more regularly.

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