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Read before placing your first order

  • Only stratum pools are supported.
  • The Stratum pool has to use extranonce2 size 4 or higher. Minimal pool difficulty has to be respected or the mining will not work.
  • If you are not sure if the chosen pool is compatible, use our Pool verificator.
  • Choose a stable working pool! Unstable pools often go into a dead state, thereby giving you no hashing power.
  • Pool deaths and order cancellations are penalized with 10 seconds worth of mining. Penalties go to the miners working on that order.
  • Rapid work changes are penalized due to the miners' reduction of performance.
  • Speed limitation on the order is only approximate. See here for more details.
  • Duration is only approximate, because hashing speeds can vary.
  • It may take several minutes before your orde reaches the desired speed.
  • If your chosen pool is unstable, you will not achieve the full wanted speed.
  • If you select a pool for the wrong algorithm, you will still have to pay for the shares, submitted by miners.
  • If you cancel the order, the remaining Bitcoins and the remaining service fee are refunded, but it may take up to one minute.
  • Use the edit functionality if you wish to only change the order price or speed limit. Editing orders is completely free. Fixed orders cannot be edited.
  • At submit time, your order may appear to be dead and it takes up to one minute for the order to become alive (pool verification process).
  • The system may auto-cancel orders that are inactive for a long period (due to a very low price) or mostly dead (placeholder orders).
  • By submitting this order, you agree to the no refund policy. Shares being rewarded to miners are non-refundable.
  • You cannot place an order to mine on NiceHash.
  • Choose a high difficulty pool. Choosing an excessively low difficulty will result in a dead order and penalties will be paid to miners.

General help

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