How can you adjust the difficulty on third-party miners?

NiceHash is using a light version of vardiff and will adjust the difficulty automatically for your miner. Nevertheless you can use the parameter d=diff in your password to set starting difficulty.

sgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_BITCOIN_ADDRESS -p d=1024 ...

You can set the difficulty in the range of 128 to 131072 for SHA256, Scrypt, Scrypt-N and in the range of 0.02 to 8 for other algorithms.

Note: Your miner may sometimes work with a lower or higher difficulty since the difficultly you set is only a preferred difficulty and the actual difficulty depends on the current orders at NiceHash. This is completely normal.

Note: One thing to remember is that the difficulty doesn't affect earnings. Higher difficulties will result in lower bandwidth and less frequent shares submission; it will also put less stress on your miner as well as on our servers.

Here are some typically suggested initial difficulty settings:

SHA256: up to 100GHs: d=128; 100-500GHs: d=256; 500GHs-1THs: d=512; 1THs+: d=1024

Other algorithms:

Miner Speed Scrypt Scrypt-N X11 X13
0MHs - 1MHs d=256 d=128 d=0.01 d=0.01
1MHs - 2MHs d=512 d=256 d=0.02 d=0.02
2MHs - 4MHs d=1024 d=512 d=0.04 d=0.04
4MHs - 8MHs d=2048 d=1024 d=0.08 d=0.08
8MHs - 16MHs d=4096 d=2048 d=0.16 d=0.16
16MHs - 32MHs d=8192 d=4096 d=0.32 d=0.32
32MHs - 64MHs d=16384 d=8192 d=0.64 d=0.64
64MHs - 128MHs d=32768 d=16384 d=1.28 d=1.28

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