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for mining Bitcoin, Zcash, Ethereum, and other coins

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Fair approach to cloud mining

pay as you mine without upfront payments

Start with 0.005 BTC

Minimum order price is 0.005 BTC for every algorithm.

No contracts, no risk

Cancel at any time and get your remaning funds back with no cancellation fee.

Fast delivery

Massive hashing power in short amount of time.

Mine on your favorite pool

You are deciding how and when you want to buy hashing power and to which pool to direct it.

Real-time statistics

Follow your workers and their performance.

Valid shares only

Never pay for dead, faulty configured rigs or invalid shares.

Current approximate prices

that guarantee you some hashing power

0.05 PH/s
for 24 hours

starting at

0.0105 BTC

(64.71 USD)

0.65 GH/s
for 24 hours

starting at

0.0050 BTC

(30.79 USD)

0.01 MSol/s
for 24 hours

starting at

0.0054 BTC

(32.94 USD)

NOTE: You can always bid more or less than approximate order price. Current prices are shown from live marketplace and are guaranteeing you some hashing power.
The exchange rate 1 BTC = 6,157.40 USD is used.

Choose between multiple coins to mine

How does it work?

1. Register new account and deposit desired number of BTC.
How to make a deposit?

2. Add the mining pool you will direct bought hashing power to.
Which mining pools are supported?

3. Set the bid or fixed price for mining and place new order.
How to place new order?

4. Monitor your order on the live marketplace.
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