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NiceHash Miner
for Windows
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EthereumStratum Protocol

without design flaws, fair and transparent

  • Protection against duplicated shares
  • Save on data transfer
  • Maximum utilization of hashing power

Other pools are using outdated and flawed network protocol on which you have a chance to work on the same job - that converts into losing precious hashing power, no reward and in some cases even dropped connection. NiceHash got you covered with EthereumStratum protocol that is flawless and is protecting you. You'll be using full potential of your hashing power and earn more.

Why it is better to mine Ethereum with NiceHash?

get paid in Bitcoins for every share

Pay-per-Share payouts

You get paid by PPS approach, where buyers dictate the final price. Hence, our market design increases the chance to get paid much more than direct Ethereum mining.

Direct payments in Bitcoins

No exchange needed; get paid directly, your payment does not depend on exchange rate fluctuations. Stable and reliable mining process for more than 2 years.

Additional payments

You may mine with smaller DAG which yields better performance on AMD cards. You get paid for DAG switches and fast job switches which reduce miner's performance.

Real-time Statistics

Superior up to 7 days detailed real-time statistics showing profitability rates, reject types, estimated payment time & amount and much more.

Get ready to start

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